Chiyoda Sushi

Chiyoda Sushi

Had a craving for Sushi and decided to try out Chiyoda Sushi, a chain from Japan with over 200 stores promising to bring a taste of Japan to Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh City.

The night started at Chiyoda by wading through an expansive menu with tons of different sashimi, nigiri, sushi, tonkatsu, izakaya style bites and more, all of which seemed to be at fairly reasonable price points. We opted for some amaebi, fatty tuna, salmon skin rolls, eel and fish roe rolls, as well as the signature Chiyoda roll.

Amaebi outperformed the fatty tuna

The sushi came out in fairly well timed waves starting with the amaebi and fatty tuna. I was happy to see the shrimp come uncooked with the heads deep fried. This was actually my favorite thing we ordered here. The heads were tastefully fried and had a taste/texture like shrimp potato chips and the shrimp itself was of exceptional quality with a melt in your mouth taste that makes you not want to swallow too quickly. I was kind of sad that with the quality of this nigiri that I hadn’t ordered more of the quality sushi cuts. The fatty tuna roll however paled in comparison to the amaebi did not perform as well, I forget the name of the role but it was obvious from the price point that this was not the prime cut of otoro but a cheaper one.

Salmon skin roll, delightfully crunchy

The salmon skin roll was pretty good, and itched the special place this roll has for me in my heart even though I usually like having it in a hand roll. Next up was the unagi roll with fish roe. This one was a bit off for me, the roe was pretty salty and it seemed to have a bit of lime rind on it which through me for a loop. Last up was the Chiyoda roll which was absolutely massive; at least 3 bites each! This roll had bell peppers, avocado, salmon, tuna, shrimp, and shiso leaf in it which tasted pretty good.

All in, enough sushi to get two people very full cost about 800K VND. While a couple of the rolls were a bit of a miss for me, I think it is more down to my ordering than the restaurant and I plan to go back and try some of the more premium (and indulgent 🙂 sashimi and rolls. Either way, the cost, to volume, to flavor ratio here was solid to put Chiyoda Sushi into my regular sushi rotation.

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