Cafe Marcel Brunch

Cafe Marcel Brunch

Taking inspiration from cafes in the south of france, Cafe Marcel delivers on aesthetics and flavor with their popular all day brunch location in Saigon.

Craving some Saturday brunch, a friend and I popped over to Cafe Marcel to try out their fare.

Opened by the same owners as Marcel Burger, Cafe Marcel is an all day brunch spot in Saigon’s District 1. Occupying 3 floors and a rooftop, Cafe Marcel was designed to mimic the look and feel of a cafe to be found in the sun soaked south of France. The Lab Saigon did the design work at Cafe Marcel and made this great post talking about where the inspiration for the restaurants decor came from. I do have to say, the interior was beautifully decorated.

But, enough about the design and on to the food. Cafe Marcel serves a number of different brunch classics including pancakes, spicy shakshuka, avocado toast, and granola. Additionally, you can build your very own ‘Egg & Sides’ brunch at Cafe Marcel. Just choose how you would like your eggs cooked and what type of bread you would like them served with. Next, you pick additional sides (notably you could assemble your own full Irish with the available sides) and then pick a sauce. While neither of us elected for this option, I think I will be back to give it a try.

I chose the Bacon & Eggs pancakes while my friend chose the the Spicy Shakshuka. While both dishes were amazingly presented and flavorful I think the winner was the shakshuka. The pancakes were great in their own right however. I was happy that they served the sunny side up eggs directly on the pancakes so that the yolk could run into them. This is something that usually needs to be self engineered.

All in, Cafe Marcel deserves a spot in anyone’s brunch rotation.

Ideally, I would recommend making reservations if possible or being willing to wait for a spot. Due to the popularity and small size of the space, I had to wait for about 20 minutes to get a table around noon on a Saturday.

You can find Cafe Marcel on the map below or get more information from their Facebook page.